C4ISR – Thought Leadership: Space domain awareness, protection requires more space-based systems

Meeting the goal of achieving space domain awareness and protect-and-defend mission capabilities by 2026, as publicly called for by senior U.S. Space Force officials, requires rapid acceptance of products and services that are available today.

While the availability of low-cost ground-based systems remains an important component, space-based domain awareness systems are increasingly vital. Investment in low-cost, space-based systems using rapid acquisition processes will create architectural coherency and take advantage of technology advances to satisfy the call to action for protection of U.S., allied and commercial space assets.

Historically, the U.S. and other space-faring nations have primarily relied upon ground-based surveillance for these missions. Only limited space-based options existed, and their size and cost allowed for few systems. Today, however, surveillance from and within space has become increasingly affordable.

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