We provide our customers with affordable, high performance, integrated optical solutions to support their missions and applications.

We provide our employees with technically challenging opportunities to solve hard and interesting national security problems.



Optical Products and Services


Partnerships and philanthropy


Founded in 2004, by Dr. Anthony Gleckler, GEOST provides optical systems from UV to long-wave IR. We have developed systems that operate under the ocean to those that orbit the earth… and everywhere in between.

In addition to fully integrated systems, GEOST provides analysis, modeling & simulation, prototyping, and field testing for passive optical sensors, ladar, optical communications, spectral sensors, and pointing/tracking systems. We also provide mission processing and command & control (C2) software solutions from full TCPED to modular components that our customers can integrate into their own infrastructure.

Our Mission

To keep GEOST and its customers on the cutting edge in ground and space based  sensor payload system design and mission support solutions.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the optical systems market with innovative and novel designs for space, terrestrial, maritime, and airborne environments.

Our Goals

Become the premier provider of small and medium payloads for Space Protection, Missile Warning, and Space Domain Awareness solutions.


Detector Lab

Photon counting detector and focal plane characterization

Optics Lab

Sensor and laser phenomenology support

Electronics Lab

Class 0 ESD workspaces

Space Products Area

Cleanroom (ISO Class 7), bonded stores, ESD controlled work areas

On-site Observatories

Observatory Production Line

Virtual Operations Center

Research and Development Workspace

Machine Shop