Sinema tours Tucson’s GEOST Manufacturing Facility, Discusses Defense Priorities

“Arizona leads the way in our national defense and is home to cutting-edge technologies fueling jobs and growth across our state. I’ll continue supporting our defense and aerospace community to keep Arizona – and America – safe and strong,” said Sinema, Co-Chair of the Space Force Caucus and Chair of the Senate Aviation Subcommittee.
GEOST is a space and defense company that supplies U.S. agencies with resources to mitigate, prevent, and block threats from adversaries attempting to attack or undermine America’s national security. 
GEOST develops and deploys Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites – assets that are critical to our national security and economy in an age of great power competition between countries and bad actors. GEOST and other Arizona defense companies work with the Space Development Agency (SDA) to develop and implement a strong defense, made possible by lower-cost, mass-produced space vehicles and routine space access.

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